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    Ringo Technologies is an automation system solutions provider dedicated to deliver competitive advantage to our customer by creating and delivering outstanding values to our customer globally.

   As an automation solutions service company, we are uniquely capable of providing customer with the highest standards in innovation, integrating microcomputer technology and programmable logic controller to create some of the most innovative products and services to our valued customer.

   Our core competency is in process/machine control automation system solutions and associated machine automation components. Ringo Technologies plans, designs and installs integrated process control and factory automation systems for a select number of industrial markets. Ringo Technologies' solutions ranges from individual machine control to plant-wide information systems which integrate such areas as process control, quality control, material control, and finished goods packaging.

      Our staff has been going through years of experience in the field of automation across many industries. Through this experience, exposure to many industries and intensive, ongoing training, we lower your risk and guarantee the success of your automation project.

   Our main customers are large process industry plants. They want reliability and cost efficiency. They also value low risk and security in supplier relations. In addition to providing you with innovative factory automation solutions, we are committed to understanding your needs and tailoring our mix of product and service to fit your needs.

   We serve clients all over Asia Pacific region with focus in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine and Vietnam.

   Feel free to tap into the wealth of knowledge here on our web site and by contacting our staff.

   Ringo Technologies is focused on eight solution areas. Our goal is to achieve the optimum mix of world-class products to achieve excellence in each solution area. In addition, we are experts in integration of these products to achieve optimum performance in your application.    


Ringo Technologiesí SOLUTIONS

  • PLC and HMI Solutions
    Programmable logic controllers, programmable Fieldbus controllers, HMIís
  • Thermal System Solutions
    Electric heaters, temperature and power controls, temperature sensors
  • Machine Vision Solutions
    Machine vision controllers, specialty lighting, cameras, lenses, filters
  • Safety Solutions
    Light curtains, safety interlock switches, safety relays, safety audits
  • Motion Control Solutions
    Multi Axis Motion Controllers, Servo / Stepper Drives and Motors, Variable Frequency Drives, Linear and Rotary Actuators, Cam Positioners
  • Fieldbus Solutions
    I/O for ControlNet, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet, Modbus, DH+, etc.
  • Connection Technology Solutions
    Terminals, cables, cordsets, panel interfaces
  • RFID and Barcode Solutions
    Radio Frequency Identification Systems, Bar Code Scanners, 2D Data Matrix and 2D Imagers

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